What is the big hype about ds106?

This weeks blog post was a little harder for me to write about. When I first looked at the website we were supposed to learn about for this week called ds106…I thought, why is there a combination of letters and numbers in this website name? What do the two letters mean in this website title? How could I use this in my future classroom and why would I want to? So the only thing I could do next was scroll through the website and try to figure out all the little and big details, so I could truly understand the big hype that people are making.

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Photo CC by Nick Curtis


The About Tab (Was my best friend for this week!!):

How this course began?

The ds106 started as a college course at the University of Mary Washington in the spring of 2010. Then a professor, Jim Groom, who was teaching classes online and in class based on this website wrote a blog post about his teaching experiences with this course. People then from all over the world started logging on and becoming involved in what is now known as a community. This community is now free to anyone and everyone who wants to use it and take advantage of the digital storytelling world of this website. There are different open courses you can be apart of if you want to and work at your own pace.

In reading the  History of ds106 one of my questions from above got answered, What does the ds stand for in ds106. This article states that this is Digital Storytelling website.  Then the 106 looks quite a bit like my course numbers in my college classes, so now this is all starting to come together and make more sense.

Stuff to try out while cruising around the site:

 Assignment Bank

I thought that the assignment bank would be a pretty great tab to look into. The first thing that pulled up was all the different kinds of assignments you can complete here are just a few: visual, audio, writing an assignment, animated GIF assignment, video assignments, and still many other categories you can choose from. There is something for everyone’s liking, but yet it allows people to get out of their comfort zone and create there own masterpieces using a ton of different media. Here are a few examples of assignments you could complete in the video assignment portion:

Assignment Superhero: Join forces http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/superhero-join-forces/

Assignment Life Hacks:


Check out a few of these assignments and while you are there you might as well explore around a little more!!

Daily Create

The next tab I checked out was the daily create tab. Daily Create allows people to get out of their comfort zone and actually make themselves become creative every day and it does not take any more time than 15-20 minutes a day at the maximum. This allows you to have some fun while learning about yourself through different media. Check out the Daily Creates, to get your own opinion of them.

Incorporating DS106 into the classroom:Image result for classroom ds106

Photo CC by Michael B Horn

WOW!! From the beginning of this blog post to now my opinion has changed quite a bit! I would definitely incorporate this website into my future classroom. I believe the daily creates would be a fun activity to have at the beginning of the day for the students to come into the classroom and start their day off by being creative. This will add some flavor to the classroom and possibly motivate the students to learn. I also think that some of the assignments may be a fun activity to incorporate into the different lessons I will be covering in the classroom.

Overall, I love this website because it allows everyone and anyone to learn how to tell a story using digital media.

Thank you for reading my blog post! I hope you will check out the ds106 website and leave some feedback about how you will use this in your everyday life or in your classrooms.

Here is the link to the website:



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