How do Schools need to Change?

How do schools need to change?

Think about what school was like for you as a child? What would you have changed about school?

Would you make it more hands on? What about learning right from wrong? and Maybe how to be happy and healthy?  I personally do not recall being taught how to be happy or healthy at school. I learned these things at home, but unfortunately, some kids are not learning these life lessons at all. Therefore schools need to start incorporating life lessons into school.

I inserted a picture below of my cousin and I smiling! I am trying to teach her the aspects of being happy.

At first, I was not sure what hack-schooling was, but after watching the TedTalk,  Hackschooling makes me happy by Logan LaPlante a 13-year-old boy and reading a blog post by Bud Hunt, called Centering on Essential Lenses I became more knowledgeable on this topic. These articles reinforced the reason why I want to be a teacher.  School is so much more then reading, writing, math, social studies, etc, it needs to help prepare students for their future! My goal as a future teacher is to prepare my students for success every single day when they leave my classroom. Whether it be social skills or learning how to solve a new math problem, I want to make a difference in each and every one of my future students lives.

Photo CC by Paige Bush

Here is a quote from Logan LaPlante, “But what bums me out is to know a lot of kids today are just wishing to be happy, to be healthy, to be safe, not bullied, and be loved for who they are.” Logan is a very smart child. Not many children would be able to make a quote that makes you think so much. This quote made me think pretty deep. My goal as a future teacher is to help my students be happy, healthy, safe, not bullied, and loved for who they are. I believe that this is so important.


Different Lenses of Learning:

It is also important that we teach our children to learn through many lenses of life according to Bud Hunt. Hunt believes there are three big lenses that children and adults need to look out for in order for learning to stick. These lenses are: Making, Hacking, and Playing.

If your children are making something based on what they are learning they are more likely to understand and enjoy what they are learning. This is a more hands-on approach. I once had a teacher that taught me not to use worksheets in 3rd grade and below. This may be because this is the time when students are motivated to learn and if we just hand out worksheets then these children will lose interest in school.

Hacking.. when I first thought of hacking I thought of it as a bad thing. But now I know more, and I think that it is a great skill to incorporate into schools! According to Hunt, the original definition of a hack was a fiddle made for improving a process or a program. So therefore if humans are hackers then maybe it is not such a bad thing. Who knows you may find your passion in the process of hacking.

Then the last big lens that people need to learn to look out of is playing. Playing allows children to show what they really love, it also helps bring out their creative side. Creativity is such a great thing, that teachers and schools are crushing. Therefore as a future teacher, I will make creativity one of my top priorities in the classroom. Since play promotes creativity and allows kids to be kids, I believe that play needs to be incorporated into the school systems and not taken away.

Here is a great article about Why we need to keep creativity in schools:Teachers Must Encourage Student Creativity by Laura Preble. If you are thinking of being a teacher please read!

Here are some questions to think of after reading my blog post!!

What lenses do you see through?

What do you think of hack-schooling? Is it a good idea to incorporate hacking into schools? Fellow teachers, what are some ways that you hack school?






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